Transformational Breath Coaching Services

"The Breath is The Key

You are The Lock"

Pleasure to meet you!

My name is Jack

I am a Transformational Breath Coach

I am here at Your Service

Ever felt like Life just wasn't giving you enough?

Bored of the apparent mundaneity?

Wishing you could feel more Fulfilled or Empowered?

Well I can't promise You everything

But I do believe that The Breath holds all The Keys

The Keys to all of our Locks

The Locks that hide our True Potential from The World

Are you ready to unlock Your Potential?

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An Introduction to Breath Exploration

18 Day Immersive Experience

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There is no time like The Present!

Each Session is 1 Hour Long

We spend 15 Minutes Opening

30 Minutes Breathing

15 Minutes Closing and Reflecting

My Rates are as follows:

1 Session: £150

3 Sessions: £390 (£130 Per Session)

6 Sessions: £720 (£120 Per Session)

9 Sessions: £900 (£100 Per Session)

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Your Potential is Yours


"It’s an incredible way to start the day, helping me feel grounded, positive, abundant and clear-minded." - Sophie, UK

"Jack's breath work classes are something I believe everyone should try, even if it's only once!

I took part in the two week taster breath work sessions and it soon became a ritual that I would look forward to every morning.

Jack is a wonderful teacher, facilitating a space where you are made to feel comfortable meeting yourself exactly where you are at with no judgement.

Jack has formulated his own breathing techniques, which are not only spiritual in practice, but backed up by science (which he covers briefly at the beginning of each class).

Jack’s breathing techniques and teachings have reframed the way I breathe on a daily basis - improving my quality of life as a result.

I highly recommend :)" - Megan, UK

"I feel uplifted and inspired and more than anything I feel such hope in the younger generation taking leaps forward for the sake of a better humanity.

Thank you Jack for sharing your amazing journey so far in the journey we call life - Gwyneth, UK