Welcome to the $FAITH Airdrop!

We have over 330 BILLION $FAITH allocated for The Airdrop

This works out at 90% of the TOTAL supply

There are only 3 requirements to receive the $FAITH Airdrop:

1: Follow @faithtokens and @e_g_jack on X (Twitter)

2: Complete the Claim Form at the bottom of this page

3: Set the $FAITH Trustline

3000 Airdrop spots have already been accounted for in order to secure decentralisation

These 3000 spots have been offered to 9000 unique NFT Holders on the XRPL

These 9000 wallets have been drawn from a pool of 14 NFT projects

The Holders of these projects have shown great Faith

The $FAITH Airdrop is one of their early rewards!

This ensures a minimum decentralisation rate of 0.0003% of the supply per spot


*Following the close of this allocation, we were left with 2890 unclaimed Airdrops*

963 Airdrops have been reserved for Rug Pull Victims (claim below)

963 Airdrops have been reserved as a Mystery Bonus (to be revealed)

963 Airdrops will be added to The Fire and The Pool (50/50)

This approach will ensure that $FAITH is:

1: Decentralised

2: Deflationary

3: Accesible to All

$FAITH has a detailed Whitepaper and Roadmap which can be found here: https://docdro.id/wBSQ4L1

Prefer audio/video?

See below!

(First video is a short summary, second video is a full read through)

$FAITH Airdrop Rug Victim Claim Form

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